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I realized that it’s been a while since I posted something here so here’s an update on my writing:

 Remnant Rescue Series – I have wanted to write a novel that takes place sometime in the future during the Great Tribulation. (I’ve never read any of the “Left Behind” books by Tim LaHaye but I did see some of the movies.) Rather than write more novels using advanced technologies in a retro-futuristic era such as the Old Testament, I wanted to write something truly futuristic. The Remnant Rescue Series will be about a team of new believers in the middle of the Tribulation who have access to a fortune amassed by their parents before the Rapture (billions of dollars), use advanced technologies to thwart the world system of the Antichrist (hack into the global network controlling identities, commerce, communications), and travel around the world to rescue those believers who are in danger of being executed for their faith. At the mid-point of the Tribulation the Antichrist stands in the Temple and proclaims himself to be God. From that point on the work of the Remnant Rescue underground never stops!

Remnant Rescue Series (Book 0) — The Zadok Redundancy began as a short introduction and background to the first book in the Remnant Rescue series but quickly became a history of the Sons of Zadok, a secret group of Levite Kohathites founded by Zadok during the reign of Solomon and sworn to guard the Ark of the Covenant with their lives. The book takes its name from the High Priest’s ingenious plan to keep the Ark safe for six centuries. The later Sons of Zadok faithfully uphold their oath to Zadok and preserved the sacred Ark. When the Babylonian army is only miles away from the gates of Jerusalem, the Holy Ark is carried away by the last band of Kohathites to be kept safe from harm. The Ark will be hidden with friends until a new Temple is built or the predicted Messiah comes into Jerusalem.

(This book–in final editing as I write this and planned for publishing in late 2015 for free in digital format–is about 150 pages long and spans the history of the Ark of the Covenant in Solomon’s Temple from the inauguration of the Temple and the appearance of the Glory of the LORD until the destruction of the Temple by the Babylonians under King Zedekiah.)

Remnant Rescue Series (Book 1) — Son of Zadok begins more than 2,700 years after the Ark of the Covenant was carried out of Jerusalem to be hidden in a far country as described in Book 0. It is many years after the “Great Disappearance” which some called the Rapture and almost three years after the World Emperor has finally brought peace to a world reeling from God’s cataclysmic judgments. Jacob (Jake) Cohen is an American ocean mining engineer working in Portugal for the Imperial Salvage and Recovery Company who is ordered to Jerusalem by his superiors to consult with the rabbi responsible for construction of the New World Temple. No sooner does he arrive at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel than he finds out that he is teamed with the world-famous Italian marine archeologist, Angelica (Angie) Cherubini. At their meeting with the rabbi they learn that an obscure copper artifact known as the Zadok Scroll gives three possible locations of the original  Ark of the Covenant. The Emperor has demanded that the true Ark, or whatever is left of it, be put into the Holy of Holies so he can lead the world in worship from the center of his Temple. Jake and Angie use their skills and a benefactor’s resources to find the Ark but have no intention of giving it to the Emperor when, or if, they find it. Their search takes the pair and a tight-knit crew on their salvage ship to possible sites of the lost Ark until a chain of startling events change Jake’s life forever and he discovers who he really is. The false peacemaker reveals himself in the Temple as the Antichrist foretold by Daniel and by Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. The work of the Remnant Rescue team begins in what they learn is the second half of the Tribulation with a dramatic rescue of condemned believers from behind enemy lines as the earth enters the worst period in human history. (Plan is to publish this in digital-only format by the end of 2016.)


The Christian Author Meet & Greet last Saturday was a great opportunity to meet fellow Christian authors and talk about their books. A few of the authors are successful in terms of sales and public recognition. This was an encouragement to me – not because I ever look for or expect wide acceptance – but because it means that good Christian authors are recognized and will be motivated to write excellent fiction and non-fiction!


FRE_Eye of Horus

From my latest book, Flight From Egypt: Adventures Along the Nile.

What is that thing? The flying contraption is the Eye of Horus hot air balloon invented by Imhotep, a descendant of the mysterious, Tiras, who we last saw in the One World Tower adventure before he and his family migrated from Babylon after the fall of the tower to what would later become Egypt.

Are those propellers on a flying boat? Yes, they are powered by a chemical device in the floor of the “boat” suspended below the lifting balloon. You’ll have to read the story to see how The Eye of Horus came to be flying over pyramids carrying two passengers!



M&G LogoChristian Authors Meet & Greet (M&G)

You are invited to a Christian Authors book expo on Saturday, April 25th at the Nevins Memorial Library, Methuen, MA. Meet twenty-one other Christian authors, discuss their fiction and non-fiction books, and purchase books at special rates.

Copies of my recently published book Flight from Egypt–Adventures Along the Nile will be on sale along with previous books in the series.

Free admission and refreshments, but YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR FREE TICKETS to attend this Christian Authors event. The number of tickets is limited so please register now. Click here to sign up at the Eventbrite site.



Flight from Egypt Cover SketchFirst cover sketch of Flight from Egypt









ACFW The End BadgeAmerican Christian Fiction Writers
(Reached “The End” of complete manuscript for Flight From Egypt in the Bible Adventure Series.)




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(NovelWritingTrack: July 2014 target 15,000 words)




My new author page:

I was recently interviewed by Christian book author Karla Akins which she graciously posted on her Humor, History & Hope blog. Karla is a pastor’s wife who writes biographies and history books for middle grades as well as fiction and short stories. She is researching the steampunk genre for a new book and came across my comments and profile in a Christian steampunk forum. The interview is on her blog page:







One World Tower book announcement by Christian Self-Publishing Association

OWT_cover_LO RES


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One World Tower is now available from and other on-line book publishers. See the Order Books page.

Very pleased with the review of Run Before The Rain by Dr. Robert L. Sumner in the latest issue of The Biblical Evangelist:

9781475951509_COVER_FQA.inddThe eBook version of Run Before The Rain is available from, and others for $0.99







The book signing in Salem, NH was a quiet affair with only a few copies sold, but it resulted in some interesting conversations with book-lovers. Thanks to Elizabeth Berlik of Used Books Superstore for setting this up!

Book signing on July 27!

Used Book Superstore is the venue where they sell more than just used books. Come buy a paperback copy of Run Before the Rain – An Antediluvian Adventure and I’ll be glad to sign it with a personal note!


Antikythera Mechanism
PBS Nova Program on the Antikythera Mechanical Computer!

The next NOVA on most PBS stations ( Wednesday, April 3rd at 9 pm) will feature the ancient Antikythera computer which was inspiration for the “pocket astrolabe” invented by Japheth for terrestrial navigation in the novel Run Before the Rain-An Antediluvian Adventure . The Antikythera was found in 1900-1901 when artifacts from a Greek shipwreck were recovered. The significance of the intricate machine was not realized until many years later when analysis of its almost thirty nested gears revealed that had all the elements of a mechanical computer. Made of intricate, though greatly corroded and fragmented bronze and wood pieces, the ancient device appears to have been built in the first century B.C. The earliest comparable workmanship and understanding of precision gearing known comes from the 14th and 15th centuries. Scientists in the PBS program show a working model of a mechanical computer based on pieces of the Antikythera mechanism. Speculation abounds abut its use, but it could have functioned as an accurate timepiece tied to Sun, Moon, and planetary positions for navigation. Ancient civilizations apparently had a much greater understanding of precision mechanical devices, astronomy, and mathematics than most people realized. The fact that such a complex device as the Antikythera could have been used on a cargo ship in the Mediterranean more than 2,000 years ago is fascinating!

Kind comments from South Africa:
I am writing to you in order to compliment you on the above-mentioned book (which I ordered via an internet online bookshop in South Africa where I stay). I finished reading the said book today and enjoyed it very much. It is indeed a very good read and so far one of the best fiction books that I have read about the time period before the flood. Even though it is indicated to be for youth and young adults, I enjoyed it very much and will pass it on to my children for reading. Older people will for sure also enjoy it. I am looking forward in reading the second book when it is published at the end of 2013.
Johan van Greunen


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