Christian/Biblical “Steampunk” Adventures – Speculative fiction with a scientific twist!


Run Before the Rain-An Antediluvian Adventure is the first in a series of Christian fiction for young adults that weaves a bit of science into the tale. Based on a Bible background of life before the Great Flood, this is a story of faith in God’s Word and courage against the forces of evil. Noah and his sons built the ark in the face of worldwide opposition to a message of salvation. Methuselah and Japheth try to recover the last copy of the Book of Adam before the world’s vapor canopy collapses and all but a few survive in the ark. Will they return to the ark in time? Will Japheth find a wife in the six days remaining? Published November 2012

One World Tower-A Babylonian Adventure traces life in the city of Babel where a towering monument is constructed to honor man’s arrogance against God. The Babylonian Triad, (Nimrod, King of Babel; Zidon, High Priest of Marduk; Magus, Chief Magician and Astrologer) making plans for a one government, one world religion, and one economy, are on a collision path with a celestial menace that cannot be avoided. Descendants of Shem and Japheth must rescue Babel’s Chief Astronomer (who happens to be the daughter of Zidon) from the One World Tower before it is destroyed. But they quickily discover that escape from the tower is the least of their problems. Astronomy, mechanical computing, vapor engines, and high-speed river boats give the young scientists an edge over schemes used by the Triad to keep the people of Babel in bondage. It turns out that God’s plan for the city Babel, and earth’s inhabitants, is totally different from what anyone expected. Published January 2014

Flight From Egypt-Adventures Along the Nile begins during the captivity of Israel in Egypt when Moses and Aaron appear before Pharaoh and the Nile River is turned to blood. Two teens, Malik (an Egyptian) and Nathan (a Hebrew slave) become heroes when they help Commander Herihor of the Leopard Charioteers fend off a Nubian army attack from high above Thebes and the Valley of the Kings in the Horace Eye. When they stumble across thieves who plunder the sealed tomb of Queen Hatshepsut of its gold and royal furnishings, Malik’s sister deciphers a message listing an inventory of the tomb’s contents. The three embark on a search for the robbery’s mastermind that puts them and their parents in mortal danger. Their investigation is repeatedly interrupted as plague after plague wreak havoc in the Two Lands. The chase leads them to Memphis and Giza where Imhotep, a brilliant pyramid designer, shows them an invention – The Breath of Osiris – inside an old pyramid that amazes them beyond imagination. The Angel of Death finally convinces Pharaoh to concede to Moses’ demands and the story’s plots converge inside the pyramid just as millions leave Egypt for the Promised Land of Canaan. When the two boys finally emerge from inside the pyramid, they find that they have been left behind by the fleeing multitude of Israelites and sympathetic Egyptians. Nathan and Malik head toward the distant Red Sea where Moses and the people are trapped ahead of Pharaoh’s advancing army. Even with their advanced military technologies, the Army of Egypt is no match for the LORD of Hosts as He fulfills His promise to Abraham’s descendants and all who put their trust Him. Published April 2015

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