Christian Ministries

Salem Bible Church (Salem, NH) – Fundamental, independent, Bible church (Pastor James Delany) in Southern NH. Home church of Michael and Mary Vetter.

Grace Dental and Medical Missions (GDMMissions) – By demonstrating Christ’s compassion through the use of dental and medical care, GDMMissions is resolved, by God’s help to promote and enable the expansion of fundamental indigenous, self-supporting, self-propagating churches; to inspire and mobilize local churches and individuals at home and abroad to active participation in their responsibility toward global missions.

Sowing By Grace – Quarterly magazine of GDMMissions.

Benin Medical Clinic – GDMMissions project to build and staff a medical clinic in the town of Boiffo in northern Benin. The clinic will be the central location from which the gospel will be taken to the Dendi people and local churches will be started by national pastors.

Middletown Bible Church (Middletown, CT) – Fundamental, independent, Bible church in Connecticut. Sponsors and hosts the New England Bible Conference (formerly the Independent Fundamental Bible Conference) held each year in April and September.

Salem Bible Church (Salem, Ohio) – Fundamental, independent, Bible church in Ohio. (Also known as “the other Salem Bible Church.”)

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International (FBFI) – International association of fundamental Baptists churches. Publishes Frontline magazine.

Abiding Radio – Christ-honoring music streamed over the Internet.

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Whitcomb Ministries

Answers in Genesis

Institute for Creation Research