The Third Emissary: Cohort Chronicles | Book II


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A network of agents known as The Cohort is run by the powerful Roman politician Senator Tatius. In 41 A.D., Emperor Caligula is assassinated by his own bodyguards and “Uncle Claudius” is propped on the throne by the Praetorian Guard.

Rome’s plan to conquer Britannia requires an important naval base in Mauritania at the Pillars of Hercules between the Mediterranean and Atlantic can be secured by an Army legion before a political delegation to the region can tribute from the local Berber tribes, by force if necessary.

Two novice operatives of The Cohort are placed into the Mauritanian delegation to report back to Senator Tatius about naval and trade negotiations. Legatus Linius Crispus Valerius, head of The Cohort in Asia Minor, (see The Quiet Centurion | Book I), gives the two young men their orders and sends them into a web of diplomatic and military intrigue. Linius Crispus and his assistant, Ming, run into their own dangers in Roman provinces across norther Africa and Syria.

The Third Emissary | Book II continues a fictional series that traces the lives of a Christian centurion, his family, and a host of characters during the period 35-74 A.D. The rapid spread of Christianity intertwines with the ruthless expansion of the Roman Empire.