BACK COVER 1Michael Vetter spent his childhood and teen years in Latin America
and the Caribbean before he attended college in Massachusetts. He received degrees in Mechanical Engineering (Lowell Technological
Institute, now UMass Lowell) and Ocean Engineering Massachusetts
Institute of Technology) before being commissioned an officer in the U.S. Air Force.

His service in the Air Force included tours as a scientific and technical intelligence officer for airborne reconnaissance operations and a threat assessment intelligence manager. During an assignment with the Air Force, he trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior. After nine years in the Air Force, he had a twenty-five year career in the civilian defense sector as an analyst, program manager, and department head in the fields of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Michael has written four books in a series of Bible Adventure Stories for youth and young adults with intricate high-technology plots. He has also written a four-book series of Remnant Rescue thrillers that take place during the Great Tribulation period described in Matthew Chapter 24 and the book of Revelation in the Bible.

The Cohort Chronicles series features Centurion Linius Crispus Valerius in The Quiet Centurion. The series begins in the first century A.D. as apostolic Christianity spreads through the Roman Empire. In the second book, The Third Emissary, adventures race across the Roman Empire from Ephesus in Asia Minor to Rome to the land of Mauritania (Morocco) as the truth of Jesus Christ spreads rapidly.

In a different genre, The Mars Lottery is a Christian allegory about a missionary in the  near-future when space travel is almost ordinary. The thrilling sequel, The Tycho Incident, will be out in early 2023.

Michel enjoys kayaking, downhill skiing, and cross-country road travel. He and his wife Mary live in Salem, NH.