The Cohort Chronicles

The Third Emissary | Book II

Emperor Caligula has been assassinated and the Praetorian Guard has put “old Uncle Claudius” on the throne. The “puppet emperor” continues Caligula’s plans to invade Britannia within the year as the Roman Empire reels under the change in leadership.

The Cohort activates Linius Crispus Valerius Gordionus, its top agent in Asia Minor, to reinforce its network of informers from Antioch in Syria as far west as Mauritania at the Pillars of Hercules where the Mediterranean meets the dark Atlantic Ocean. Linius sets up two young Cohort operatives, Lucius and Donato,  within an official delegation that will demand treaties with the Berber tribes of Mauritania and form a new Roman province. Pontius Corvinus, a corrupt Praetorian, has other ideas for the delegation that will make him rich. He will resort to anything, including murder, to enrich himself. While Lucius and Donato contend with the corrupt Praetorian, the king of the Berber tribes refuses to submit to Rome and faces a battle against 50,000 Roman troops.

Linius Crispus, with his enigmatic assistant, Ming, encounters obstacles as he strengthens Cohort agents in Carthage, Cyrene, Alexandria, and Antioch. While Linius is in Antioch, Ming is curious to see Jerusalem where his life is changed forever.

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The MarsX Archives

Mars Lottery | Book 1

Mars Lottery is a modern-day Christian allegory about taking the message of the Gospel where no human has gone before. Jesus proclaimed what is known as the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and later in Acts 1:8 at a time when nobody dreamed that the Gospel could go farther than “…the uttermost part of the earth.” However, God’s Word is not restrained by terrestrial geography. God reaches out with the light of the Gospel to every living human in need of a Savior, whether they be on the Earth, Moon, Mars, or on a spaceship far from Earth.

This is a fictional story about Josh Aikin whom God calls to share the Gospel. He struggles with many unusual, controversial, inconvenient, risky, and even dangerous opportunities to evangelize. Like all believers, however, he must face situations in his path and decide to obey God or do nothing and stay safely with his friends, home, community, and church. His circumstances are extreme, but his choices are not much different from those that you and I face each day. Are we willing to be used by God, wherever He leads us? Published October 2021 and available from these ebook distributors:

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The Cohort Chronicles

The Quiet Centurion | Book I

The year is 35 A.D. Centurion Linius Crispus Valerius is a Christian in the Roman Army assigned to a garrison in Caesarea Maritima, Judea. Linius stands out as an exceptional officer admired by his men and his legionary commander for his integrity. When an edict from Rome orders every soldier to swear an oath to Emperor Tiberius as deity or face severe punishment, the region’s military commander is in a quandary. He know that Linius would never take the oath, so he transfers his best centurion to an outpost in Asia Minor where the governor ignores reckless imperial pronouncements.

After he settles with this family in Galatia, Centurion Linius Crispus learns that Emperor Tiberius is dead and receives a mysterious summons to Rome. Linius receives senatorial orders to take the annual payroll to four legions waiting in Pontus. The mission turns treacherous when pirates capture the payroll, Linius is imprisoned and released, and he finds that the four legions are gone.

The Quiet Centurion begins a fictional series that traces the lives of a Christian centurion, his family, and a host of characters during 35-74 A.D. These years overlap and intertwine with the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul when the Roman Empire is turned upside down. Published November 2020 – ORDER HERE FROM AMAZON

Remnant Rescue Series

Zion’s Deliverance – Remnant Rescue Series | Book 4 continues the brave adventures of the Remnant Rescue team during the last half of the seven-year Tribulation. The Principe of Rome, revealed as the Antichrist controlled by Satan, is slaughtering Jews and Christians at a staggering rate. He sends his elite undercover agents to find and destroy the last Remnant Rescue hiding sites. The Antichrist’s sinister deputy launches an atomic attack at a suspected hideout and thousands die in a fireball that mushroom over the Judean Desert.

More nuclear attacks break out around the world as the Principe attacks Russian and Chinese troops preparing to invade Israel. In spite of their hatred for the maniacal Principe, Russia and China agree to join forces with him in a final battle to destroy Jerusalem. Their reward—the massive oil and gas reserves near Be’er Shiva. Their gathering point—Armageddon!

Jake and Angie Cohen command the last remaining Remnant Rescue sites as the Great Tribulation period draws to a close. A desperate remnant looks to Heaven for Jesus their Messiah to deliver what’s left of Zion. Rescue teams enter the underground ghettos of Jerusalem in a last attempt to encourage survivors to trust in Messiah for their salvation before it’s too late. How many will be alive when the King of Kings comes to their rescue? Published December 2019 – ORDER HERE FROM AMAZON

Gideon’s Sword—Remnant Rescue Series | Book 3 begins immediately after the Rapture when the multi-national crew of the International Space Station (ISS) watches atomic wars destroy most of the United States and their aftermath kill one-fourth of the world’s population. National allegiances on the space station soon split between the majority-Russian crew and two friends—an American and Israeli. When a Russian resupply ship approached the ISS with food and supplies, astronauts Ryan Legend and Gabriel Weiss take drastic action that saves their lives. They dub their new home the Blue Star.

The two astronauts’ rescue from space comes from an unlikely place when the Remnant Rescue organization rebuild a rocket found in an aerospace museum and launch three of their own astronauts to the Blue Star. What the two castaway astronauts think is a rescue mission turns out to be an ingenious space shield as Jews enter a time period known as Jacob’s Trouble or the Great Tribulation.

Gideon’s Sword is also the name of a space platform from which captured Israeli atomic missiles with non-lethal electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warheads rain down on Imperium forces. A Syrian mechanized division, a strategic fortress, and the re-built city of Babylon all become targets. Not knowing the source of the mysterious attacks from space, the Imperium’s kingdoms turn on each other in a fierce nuclear exchange.

Before the astronauts return home, they save a Christian from a space cruiser recently returned from an expedition to Mars in a race to dodge a satellite programmed to collide with what remains of the ISS and kill everyone. Published March 2019 – ORDER HERE FROM AMAZON

In Sicarii Justice—Remnant Rescue Series | Book 2, Jake and Angie Cohen return to lead a thrilling mission into the heart of the Caliphate to smuggle hundreds of Christians out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the noses of Mecca police. Thinly disguised as American billionaires on their first Muslim hajj, Jake and Angie dash from the city of Mecca to Medina and then to the seaport of Jeddah to escape. They stay one step ahead of a determined Caliphate policeman and a SWAT team intent on capturing them.

Before what the Bible calls the Great Tribulation time period, a group of misguided Christians think that they are doing God’s will by changing the arc of history. Saul Rosen, a charismatic Jewish philosopher, manipulates his wild-eyed followers to imitate sicarii “dagger-men” who murdered first-century Romans and sympathizers. Rosen’s fanatical Sicarii Justice squad is intent on killing the Antichrist before he can start his final campaign to annihilate the Jewish people.

In Tel Aviv, the Antichrist—known as the Prince of Rome or the Principe—survives an attempt on his life by the Sicarii. The False Prophet, the Deputy Principe, orchestrates the Antichrist’s miraculous “resurrection” from the dead and the Satanic genocide of Jews begins.

The Remnant Rescue team has its own imaginative plans for surviving the last days that include a low-orbiting space station and Israel’s arsenal of special atomic weapons. While Jake and Angie continue their daring rescue missions in hostile territories, Saul Rosen’s Sicariis have one more plot to disrupt God’s plans for future prophecy. Their twisted scheme unfolds in the last pages of Sicarii Justice!  Published September 2018 – ORDER HERE FROM AMAZON

In The Tapez Scroll—Remnant Rescue Series | Book 1, Jake Cohen and Angie Cherubini trace back clues in a crumbling copper scroll to locate the most likely underwater resting place of the lost Ark of the Covenant in the Red Sea. As the initial era of a false peace pledged by the Antichrist draws to a close  after three years and secret Imperial Roman plans are put in place to exterminate all Jews, the two adventurers have no intention of turning over the Ark to bolster the Antichrist’s demonic lies. The resourceful couple, backed by Angie’s billionaire father, chase clues across Europe and the Middle East until they make an earth-shaking discovery that will confound the Antichrist’s False Prophet, the Twelfth Imam and his Caliphate Kingdom.

Jake and Angie join a shadowy organization who call themselves the Remnant Rescue and pledge to spend the rest of their lives rescuing a remnant of Jews and Christians from the greatest Holocaust that the world will ever experience. Published April 2017   |   BUY HERE FROM AMAZON

Sons of Zadok—Prequel to the Remnant Rescue Series is the story of a fictional brotherhood of Israelites (male descendants of Kohath from the tribe of Levi) who have sworn to guard the sacred Ark of the Covenant with their lives. In 944 B.C., Zadok, the High Priest of Israel, commissions a small group of loyal followers to build an intricate mechanism deep under King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem to hide the Ark from harm. They fulfill their sacred duty for over 400 years, during which time civil wars, ungodly kings, corrupt priests, national apostasy, and invasions from Syria, Assyria, and Egypt destroy the nation’s long history of faithfulness to their One True God.

In 586 B.C., a marauding Babylonian army is at Jerusalem’s gates intent on leveling the fortress-city and King Solomon’s Temple. Not one stone will be left unturned. With no salvation in sight, the last Kohathites remove the Ark from its hiding place and carry it to a distant land for safekeeping. It will remain there until the Third Temple is built, Israelites regather from exile, and Messiah comes to establish His Kingdom. Published February 2017   |   BUY HERE FROM AMAZON

Three-Part Bible Adventure Series

Flight From Egypt-Adventures Along the Nile begins during the captivity of Israel in Egypt when Moses and Aaron appear before Pharaoh and the Nile River is turned to blood. Two teens, Malik (an Egyptian) and Nathan (a Hebrew slave) become heroes when they help Commander Herihor of the Leopard Charioteers fend off a Nubian army attack from high above Thebes and the Valley of the Kings in the Horace Eye. When they stumble across thieves who plunder the sealed tomb of Queen Hatshepsut of its gold and royal furnishings, Malik’s sister deciphers a message listing an inventory of the tomb’s contents. The three embark on a search for the robbery’s mastermind that puts them and their parents in mortal danger. Their investigation is repeatedly interrupted as plague after plague wreak havoc in the Two Lands. The chase leads them to Memphis and Giza where Imhotep, a brilliant pyramid designer, shows them an invention – The Breath of Osiris – inside an old pyramid that amazes them beyond imagination. The Angel of Death finally convinces Pharaoh to concede to Moses’ demands and the story’s plots converge inside the pyramid just as millions leave Egypt for the Promised Land of Canaan. When the two boys finally emerge from inside the pyramid, they find that they have been left behind by the fleeing multitude of Israelites and sympathetic Egyptians. Nathan and Malik head toward the distant Red Sea where Moses and the people are trapped ahead of Pharaoh’s advancing army. Even with their advanced military technologies, the Army of Egypt is no match for the LORD of Hosts as He fulfills His promise to Abraham’s descendants and all who put their trust Him. Published April 2015   |   BUY HERE FROM AMAZON

One World Tower-A Babylonian Adventure traces life in the city of Babel where a towering monument is constructed to honor man’s arrogance against God. The Babylonian Triad, (Nimrod, King of Babel; Zidon, High Priest of Marduk; Magus, Chief Magician and Astrologer) making plans for a one government, one world religion, and one economy, are on a collision path with a celestial menace that cannot be avoided. Descendants of Shem and Japheth must rescue Babel’s Chief Astronomer (who happens to be the daughter of Zidon) from the One World Tower before it is destroyed. But they quickily discover that escape from the tower is the least of their problems. Astronomy, mechanical computing, vapor engines, and high-speed river boats give the young scientists an edge over schemes used by the Triad to keep the people of Babel in bondage. It turns out that God’s plan for the city Babel, and earth’s inhabitants, is totally different from what anyone expected. Published January 2014   |   BUY HERE FROM AMAZON

Run Before the Rain-An Antediluvian Adventure is the first in a series of Christian fiction for young adults that weaves a bit of science into the tale. Based on a Bible background of life before the Great Flood, this is a story of faith in God’s Word and courage against the forces of evil. Noah and his sons built the ark in the face of worldwide opposition to a message of salvation. Methuselah and Japheth try to recover the last copy of the Book of Adam before the world’s vapor canopy collapses and all but a few survive in the ark. Will they return to the ark in time? Will Japheth find a wife in the six days remaining? Published November 2012   |   BUY HERE FROM AMAZON