Mars Lottery – MarsX Archives | Book 1

Mars Lottery – MarsX Archives | Book 1

Mars Lottery is a modern-day Christian allegory about taking the message of the Gospel of God’s grace where no human has ventured before. Jesus gave what is known as the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and later in Acts 1:8 at a time when nobody dreamed that the Gospel could go farther than “…the uttermost part of the earth.” God’s Word is not restrained by terrestrial geography. He reaches out to every living human being whether they are on the Earth, the Moon, Mars, or on a spaceship heading for a distant world.

Mars Lottery is a fictional story that takes place in a near-future effort to populate Mars. Josh Aikin of Derry, NH faces an unlikely opportunity to share the Gospel with the world. He struggles with unusual, controversial, inconvenient, risky, and even dangerous events as he  tries to live a Christian life. Like all believers, he must face situations in his path and decide to obey God and do what is right or do nothing and stay safely at home with his family, friends, community, and church. His circumstances are extreme, but his choices are not that much different from those that you and I face each day. Are we willing to be used by God, wherever He leads us? Published October 2021

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