One World Tower

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One World Tower-A Babylonian Adventure


The second book in the series is now available from, iUniverse Publishers and other on-line book sellers.

Evina, the daughter of the High Priest of Marduk and the brightest astronomer in New Babel, spots a tiny object in space careening on a collision course with earth. She asks a world famous clockmaker to build her a mechanical predictor engine to calculate the exact trajectory of the approaching asteroid. She is befriended by the clockmaker’s twins—Dov and Yanis—who tell her about the God who created the universe and who is sovereign over all things. The twins use Evina’s observations to program the Cyclone supercomputer for its exact impact time and location. The terrifying results spark an adventure that leads them deep inside the One World Tower to rescue Evina from her observatory in the tower’s jet-black ziggurat.

Sprinting against time and the inevitable destruction of the tower Dov’s daring rescue plans come up against the most powerful men in the world. King Nimrod, Master Magician Magus, and High Priest Zidon—the Babel Triad—are intent on squashing all opposition when the universal confusion of languages sends shock waves through civilization.

The speculative technology behind the biblical tower of Babel and God’s miracle of languages includes steel skyscrapers, high-speed elevators, steam engines, naval warships and digital computers blended with examples of heroic self-sacrifice with a Christian world view. God’s sovereignty and obedience to His commands were as essential to life back at the epicenter of world history as they are to us today.


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