Run Before the Rain

9781475951509_COVER_FQA.inddRun Before the Rain – An Antediluvian Adventure



The half-human Emperor Anak and his wicked Cainite officials almost succeed in stopping construction of Noah’s ark, until Noah’s grandfather, Methuselah, shows up unexpectedly after a long and unsuccessful search for the lost Book of Adam. He joins Noah and his family to finish the ark before the coming deluge.

While working to build the ark, Noah also struggles to warn civilization, meeting with opposition from the wicked descendants of Cain and their Anakim leader—a laboratory experiment gone horribly wrong. With God’s ever-watchful presence, Noah, his grandfather, Methuselah, and his son, Japheth, work to complete the massive construction project that God’s plan requires. Exhibiting exceptional devotion and innovation, the three generations work together to see God’s prophecy become a reality before the rains consume them all.

The water vapor canopy suspended above the atmosphere begins its steady, inevitable plunge downwards to swallow every living creature on the planet, threatening the lives of Cainites, Anakim, and good Sethians alike. The ark is finished, but how will Methuselah and Japheth preserve God’s Word in the few days left, facing such hostile resistance from the world around him? The Book of Adam, long lost, contains the sacred prophecies of God’s work to come of which Noah preaches. But without the Book, the true words of God may be lost forever if Japheth cannot finish the search Methuselah started ages ago, braving the ruined streets of the corrupt Cainite city of Enoch.

Japheth, more inquisitive and intelligent than his older brothers, Shem and Ham, relishes the challenges put to him by his father, great-grandfather, and by God, but time is running out. Japheth must race for the ark in a harrowing escape from the crumbling city, as the water canopy that has shrouded the planet for 1,600 years begins to descend upon the earth.


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