Sons of Zadok | RR Book 0

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Sons of Zadok—Prequel to the Remnant Rescue Series is the story of a fictional brotherhood of Israelites (male descendants of Kohath from the tribe of Levi) who have sworn to guard the sacred Ark of the Covenant with their lives. In 944 B.C., Zadok, the High Priest of Israel, commissions loyal followers to build an intricate mechanism deep under King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem to protect the Ark from harm. They fulfill their sacred duty for over 400 years, during which time civil wars, ungodly kings, corrupt priests, national apostasy, and invasions from Syria, Assyria, and Egypt destroy the nation’s long history of faithfulness to their One True God. The Ark of the Covenant will remain hidden until Israel repents and turns back to the LORD.

In 586 B.C., a massive Babylonian army is poised at Jerusalem’s gates intent on leveling the fortress-city and King Solomon’s Temple to their foundations. With no salvation in sight, the last Kohathites remove the Ark from its hiding place and carry it to a distant land for safekeeping. It will remain there until the Temple is rebuilt, Israelites regather from exile, and Messiah comes to establish His Kingdom.

Sons of Zadok is the fictional background to The Tapez Scroll in the Remnant Rescue series which is a modern-day thriller that takes place in a future seven-year period called the Tribulation, during which time God pours out His divine judgment on planet Earth and Satan wrecks havoc through the Antichrist whom the world knows as Constantine, Prince of Rome. The Antichrist will demand that every human being on the planet worship him and his image in a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. Anticipating the coming holocaust that the Bible calls the Great Tribulation, or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, a brave group of Christians dare to risk their lives to rescue a remnant of Jews who look forward to their coming Messiah.