Tapez Scroll | RR Book 1

TS_Cover_LoRes_FinalThe Tapez Scroll – Remnant Rescue Series | Book 1


The lost Ark of the Covenant has been a mystery for millennia. One day soon, in the future period known as the Seven-Year Tribulation or the 70th Week of Daniel, the Ark will be tracked down by Constantine of Rome—the Antichrist—to place in his magnificent Temple in Jerusalem. If the original Ark could be discovered, it would bolster his claim of deity and prompt the world to accept him as their Messiah.

A corroded copper scroll was uncovered in the caves of Qumran in 1946 along with dozens of valuable copies of sacred Scripture. The lump of crumbling metal was stored and forgotten in the Israel Museum’s Shrine of the Book; Hebrew scholars studied tattered parchment scrolls that were easier to read. The copper scroll’s contents remained unknown until a forensic scientist developed a unique technology to read it without unrolling and damaging it. The deciphered contents of what was cataloged as the “Tapez Copper Scroll” were so preposterous that serious Bible scholars and historians rejected them as fiction. Rejected them, that is, until Constantine demanded that no expense be spared and no possible clue be overlooked to find the Ark of the Covenant so that Jews would worship him as God.

In The Tapez Scroll—Remnant Rescue Series Book #1, Jake Cohen and Angie Cherubini trace back clues in a crumbling copper scroll to locate the most likely underwater resting place of the Ark in the Red Sea. As the initial era of a false peace pledged by Constantine draws to a close  after three years and secret Imperial Roman plans are put in place to exterminate all Jews, the two adventurers have no intention of turning over the Ark for the Antichrist’s demonic lie.

The resourceful duo, backed by Angie’s billionaire father, chases clues across Europe and the Middle East until they make an earth-shaking secret discovery that will confound the Antichrist’s False Prophet, the Twelfth Imam and his Caliphate Kingdom.

Jake and Angie join a shadowy organization who call themselves the Remnant Rescue and pledge to spend the rest of their earthly lives rescuing a remnant of Jews and Christians from the greatest Holocaust that the world will ever experience.