The Third Emissary | CC Book II

The Cohort Chronicles

The Third Emissary | Book II

Emperor Caligula has been assassinated and the Praetorian Guard has put “old Uncle Claudius” on the throne. The “puppet emperor” continues Caligula’s plans to invade Britannia within the year as the Roman Empire reels under the change in leadership.

The Cohort activates Linius Crispus Valerius Gordionus, its top agent in Asia Minor, to reinforce its network of informers from Antioch in Syria as far west as Mauritania at the Pillars of Hercules where the Mediterranean meets the dark Atlantic Ocean. Linius sets up two young Cohort operatives, Lucius and Donato,  within an official delegation that will demand treaties with the Berber tribes of Mauritania and form a new Roman province. Pontius Corvinus, a corrupt Praetorian, has other ideas for the delegation that will make him rich. He will resort to anything, including murder, to enrich himself. While Lucius and Donato contend with the corrupt Praetorian, the king of the Berber tribes refuses to submit to Rome and faces a battle against 50,000 Roman troops.

Linius Crispus, with his enigmatic assistant, Ming, encounters obstacles as he strengthens Cohort agents in Carthage, Cyrene, Alexandria, and Antioch. While Linius is in Antioch, Ming is curious to see Jerusalem where his life is changed forever.

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