Zion’s Deliverance | RR Book 4


Zion’s Deliverance – Remnant Rescue Series | Book 4


Zion’s Deliverance – Remnant Rescue Series | Book 4 continues the brave adventures of the Remnant Rescue team during the last half of the seven-year Tribulation. The Principe of Rome, revealed as the Antichrist controlled by Satan, is slaughtering Jews and Christians at a staggering rate. He sends his elite undercover agents to find and destroy the last Remnant Rescue hiding sites. The Antichrist’s sinister deputy launches an atomic attack at a suspected hideout and thousands die in a fireball that mushroom over the Judean Desert.

More nuclear attacks break out around the world as the Principe attacks Russian and Chinese troops preparing to invade Israel. In spite of their hatred for the maniacal Principe, Russia and China agree to join forces with him in a final battle to destroy Jerusalem. Their reward—the massive oil and gas reserves near Be’er Shiva. Their gathering point—Armageddon!

Jake and Angie Cohen command the last remaining Remnant Rescue sites as the Great Tribulation period draws to a close. A desperate remnant looks to Heaven for Jesus their Messiah to deliver what’s left of Zion. Rescue teams enter the underground ghettos of Jerusalem in a last attempt to encourage survivors to trust in Messiah for their salvation before it’s too late. How many will be alive when the King of Kings comes to their rescue?